Under One Roof Grp's Privacy Policy

​Personal Information Collection Statement

  1. Under One Roof (UOR) Grp may generate and compile information about you. Personal information provided by you and all information generated and compiled by UOR about you from time to time is collectively referred to as “Your Personal Data”.

  2. The purposes for which Your Personal Data may be used are as follows:

    1. offering and providing services and products to you, which may include, insurance services and products;

    2. processing and assessing applications or requests made by you in connection with UOR’s services or products, issuing or arranging insurance contracts and maintaining your account with UOR;

    3. designing insurance services and products;

    4. marketing services and products to you (please see further details in paragraphs 4 to 6 below);

    5. operating, maintaining and providing subsequent services in relation to the applications for services and/or products;

    6. creating and maintaining the credit and risk related models of UOR;

    7. data compilations and statistical analysis;

    8. processing payment instructions;

    9. exercising any rights that UOR may have in connection with the services and/or products provided to you;

    10. verifying and conducting any eligibility, credit, physical, medical, security, underwriting and/or identity checks in connection with provision of services or products;

    11. any purposes in connection with any claims made by or against or involving you;

    12. complying with a foreign and domestic laws and regulations codes of practice or guidelines applicable to UOR or companies of the UOR group;

    13. meeting commitments with any legal, regulatory, governmental, tax, law enforcement or other authorities, industry bodies in Singapore or any other jurisdictions where the UOR has presence or business;

    14. complying with policies and procedures applicable within the UOR group; and

    15. any other purposes directly related to (i) to (xiv) above.

  3. UOR may disclose Your Personal Data with the following parties, whether within or outside Singapore for the purposes described in paragraph 2 above:

    1. members of the UOR group;

    2. persons or companies acting for or on behalf of UOR, (e.g. professional advisors);

    3. persons or companies carrying on insurance or reinsurance-related businesss engaged by UOR;

    4. physicians, hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners, laboratories, technicians, loss adjustors, risk intelligence providers, claim investigation companies, administrators or other professional advisors engaged by UOR (“Our Partners”);

    5. third parties, including distributors, intermediaries, agents, contractors or service providers that provide services in relation to UOR’s businesses; and/or

    6. persons or companies to whom UOR or the UOR group has to make disclosure under any law, rules, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines (whether applicable in or outside Singapore).

  4. UOR is allowed to:

    1. use Your Personal Data in direct marketing, and/or;

    2. provide Your Personal Data to another person or company for its use in direct marketing, only if you gave your consent or do not object to it

  5. In connection with direct marketing, UOR intends:

    1. to use your name, contact details, services and products information, financial background and demographic data held by UOR from time to time in direct marketing;

    2. to market the following classes of services and products offered by UOR, other members of the group and/or Our Partners from time to time:

      • insurance services and products;

      • wealth management services and products;

      • financial services and products;

      • reward, loyalty or privileges programmes and related services and products; and

      • donations and contributions for charitable and/or non-profit making purposes.

    3. to provide Your Personal Data described in paragraph 5(i) above to any members of the UOR group and/or Our Partners for their use in direct marketing the classes of services and products described in paragraph 5(ii) above.

  6. If you do NOT wish UOR to use Your Personal Data in direct marketing or provide Your Personal Data to other persons or companies for their use in direct marketing, you may write to the Data Protection Officer of UOR at the address below to opt out from direct marketing at any time. UOR will no longer approach you for promotions or products that may be suited to your insurance needs and personal profile. However, this will not affect our ability to service your existing UOR policies.


Access & Correction of Personal Statement

You have the right to request access to Your Personal Data held by UOR and request correction of any of Your Personal Data which is incorrect.

UOR may charge you a reasonable fee for processing and complying with your data access request.

Accuracy of Personal Information

UOR will ensure the accuracy of all personal data collected and processed. Appropriate procedures are implemented so that all personal data is regularly checked and updated to ensure that it is reasonably accurate having regard to the purposes for which that data is used. UOR will at all times endeavour to ensure the accuracy of personal data held by UOR, and if such personal data is transferred to third parties, it will notify that third party of any correction to be made.

Retention of Personal Information

No personal data is kept for longer than is necessary and that UOR will comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements in Singapore.


Use of Cookies and Third Party Links

UOR’s website may include hyperlinks to third party websites. UOR has no control over the content, accuracy, opinion expressed, and other links provided at these third party websites or how these third party websites deal with your personal data. You should visit these third party websites for details of their privacy policies in relation to their handling of your personal data.

UOR may use “cookies” to improve our internet service to you. Cookies are small data files that are automatically stored on your web browser in your computer that can be retrieved by UOR’s website. Cookies enable UOR’s website to remember you and your preferences when you visit the website and enable us to tailor the website to your needs. The information collected by cookies is anonymous visitor’s personalised settings information and contains no name or address information or any information that will enable anyone to contact you via telephone, e-mail or any other means. No customer personal data is stored in cookies. However, you can disable cookies by changing the settings of your web browser.


Further enquiries regarding UOR’s Personal Data Protection Policy and Practices may be directed to:

Data Protection Officer

Under One Roof Grp Pte Ltd.

5 Tampines Central 6 #03-38GreenHub @ Tampines Singapore 529482

Email: pdpa@underoneroof.com.sg

Mobile: (65) 92287685